The power of pause

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What is the power of the pause? You’ve probably heard it before ensuring you use pause at the right times in your presentation can help strengthen your message.

So why is this? A colleague of mine was once telling me that she was enjoying getting back into music and was starting to play a few pieces on her piano again. As she was reacquainting herself with what all the symbols mean on a sheet of music she was reminded that a piece of music can sound completely different if you don’t include the pauses.


Think about it. Think about some of your favourite songs and where the music pauses for even just a beat and what impact that has on the way you hear and feel the song.  Now I may be giving away my age here (and my taste in music….).  Have you ever heard Whitney Houston’s, ‘I will always love you’?  

Do you remember that climatic part of the song where there is the big pause before a drum beat and then Whitney belting out, ‘And I….I…. I… will always love you…….’.  You can hear it can’t you – were you singing it??  Imagine how different it would sound, how less dramatic it would be, how differently it would leave you feeling if the pause didn’t exist!  Devastating!


Have you used pause to enhance your message during one of your presentations? Many speakers have trouble with pausing. You don’t want to be up there to begin with, so you rush through as quickly as possible. Our public speaking coaching clients learn that pausing effectively can help you stay in control of your presentation, can emphasize main points, and makes the talk much easier to listen to. 


If you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience next time you present, take the time to think about where you might need a ‘dramatic’ pause.  Or simply a pause to give your listeners time to really hear what you have said.  Just like music, your presentation will sound and ‘feel’ completely different when you use pause effectively.

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