Helping you make boring/mundane information interesting

Strategies to not just ‘get through’ your talk but be persuasive and compelling

Ensuring you stop saying ‘No’ to opportunities you should be saying ‘YES’ to

Working with you to simplify complex information

Helping you find your words when your mind goes blank up the front of the room (without reading a script)

Keeping you structured rather than, ‘‘waffly’ and unclear

Ensuring you’re not talking too fast, to slow, to monotone, too ‘mumbly’

NOT relying on powerpoint to get through your talk

Finding the story in your message

Vocal techniques to ensure you not only capture, but hold the attention of your audience for the duration of your presentation

Making sure your body is not doing those distracting things when the adrenaline takes hold

Helping you feel rock solid in front of your audience so that you can deliver your message with confidence.

Passionate specialists in

Illuminated Story was born out of the passion to help you have your message heard and felt. Seeing you become clear, confident and compelling in front of your audience makes us feel soooo excited we could almost burst (with pride).

We aim to help light you up from the inside to have others truly hear your idea, mission, message, product or service that you are so passionate about but struggle to cause the same in your audience.

We help Business Leaders, Experts, and Entrepreneurs like you communicate their message in a clear and compelling way. 

Ready to be recognized as a great leader?


Because I’ve seen it over and over again. ‘Illuminated Story’ was born to ensure you can ‘empower your potential’ through shining a light on (illuminating) your story.

I had worked with many smart people in my time who just couldn’t ‘sell’ their ideas to others and therefore were not considered to be the best leaders around. I’ve hired staff who were not initially ‘seen’ by the business as leadership material because they didn’t naturally communicate with confidence and inspire others to follow. And then of course there were those industry conferences where some of the speakers had bucket loads of confidence although unfortunately, they seemed to be the only person in the room enjoying their presentation…

Does any of this sound familiar to you? I knew I wanted to help shine a light on those who really were excellent, really did have great ideas, really would be exceptional leaders, entrepreneurs, if only they could speak with impact and have people listen. I truly believe this is a skill you can learn and develop if you want to. If you’re ready to do the work. Why?

It took a while to come up with a name that encapsulated my thinking behind the mission of Illuminated Story.

behind the brand

the story

I’m a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a multinational enterprise. Although quite an introvert, I discovered a love of acting at an early age before formally training at Monash University completing a Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours. About 6 years ago, I combined my business experience and acting training to found Illuminated Story and have never looked back since. I absolutely LOVE coaching experts like you so that your message is not only heard but felt by your audience and you can leave your mark on the world.

It’s been said that my approachable, warm manner and strength-based approach, helps build your skills and confidence to a point where you’re not only able to become a highly effective presenter - you might actually start enjoying it too! (I know, who would have thought…)

I help Leaders and Entrepreneurs like you light up from the inside to create the impact you want. What does that mean? It means that often you can have great ideas, big visions, important messages to convey but you just don’t have the skill, the confidence or both to resonate with your audience - your people, the board, your clients, your industry. Have you ever experienced that?

The heart and soul behind Illuminated Story.

Lovely to meet you, I’m Carmen!

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Some of the things I love…..

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Theatre, Music, Dancing


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