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Our signature program

Be that an idea, product, service, mission or vision. Whether you’re:

Closing your next deal

Inspiring your people to follow

Impacting the board to agree to your direction

Influencing your market or industry at the next conference

As a Leader, Expert or Entrepreneur in business you would know it’s essential that you have the skills to sell your message.

Engage360 Intensive

- Carmen, founder

Have you realised that you’ve been saying NO to opportunities you should be saying YES to just because you don’t feel great about talking in front of groups of people?

It’s going to be ok. You’ve landed in the right place.

Of the millions of presentations delivered every day very few are delivered well. This can be from a lack of preparation, lack of confidence or having so much confidence that you don’t THINK you need to improve.

Is it time to show your ‘BEST YOU’ to your world?

Have you had enough of feeling that your message didn’t truly resonate with your audience? That you couldn’t translate why your idea, mission, vision, product or service could make all the difference to them?

Your presentation and public speaking skills will have a huge impact on your outcomes and we’re here to help you make the most of your next opportunity.

Clarity in your message, Confidence and a Compelling delivery.

Over the years we have experienced that it takes 3 key ingredients to walk away having impacted your audience AND a robust process to bring them to life. What are they?

The process

And is designed to ensure you not only learn the theory and frameworks that will allow you to be clear, confident and compelling, but practise and rehearse those new skills in a friendly safe environment where you’ll be pushed to progress to YOUR next level.

The Engage360 Intensive runs over 12 weeks

how we’ll achieve it

Libby Walsh
Managing Director Aus/NZ
Roxy Pacific 

It had a lot of elements to it. You’re not just learning how to put together a presentation, you’re learning different ways you can deliver it, different ways you can present. Don’t underestimate the value and power of storytelling. I joined the program to overcome a fear I had developed of public speaking and presenting - something I used to be able to do fairly easily.”

“The program has been life changing for me!

You know when you’re driving somewhere being guided safely by your navigation system and then you take just one wrong turn? Has that ever happened to you before? And before you know it, you’re either driving around in circles not landing anywhere, or you’ve ended up heading in the completely wrong direction…?

That is what can happen to your message if you don’t spend time getting this step of the process right. You can go around in circles never landing your message with your audience or you can head in the completely wrong direction and well - you may have experienced how that can go…


Key element

Getting crystal clear on your message and key points and crafting your content in a way that your audience will remember.

Knowing that you are navigating in the right direction and completely landing your message with your audience.

Having a process that will ensure the foundations of your talk are rock solid.


How can you ask others to follow you, to agree to your directions, to imagine your new world, to pay for your product/service to BELIEVE you, if you don’t seem confident in what you’re proposing yourself?


Key element

Feel rock solid and excited by the message you’re about to share.

Stand tall and fill the space you were born to fill.

Clearly project your voice.

Come across with absolute confidence in front of your audience.

What would be possible for you if you could:

Can you imagine it? What would that do for your personal brand, for your business brand, for your career, for your lifestyle?

Have you ever watched a movie that had an ‘all star’ cast but was pretty average? It’s annoying isn’t it! You may also have seen a movie with an amazing storyline but terrible acting?

Let me guess - that also ended in an average result? Your presentation is the same.

It will be average if you haven’t got a process for ensuring you have a great script AND great delivery.


Key element

You could resonate with your audience and enable them to really ‘feel’ your message?

You could turn your boring information into something your audience wants to know more about?

You could have your audience leave your talk and have them spreading your message well after you’ve finished speaking?

What if:

I can’t wait to meet you inside Engage360

ready to level up?

It’s far more powerful to hear directly from actual customers than anything we could say, so go ahead, press play, and when you’re ready to make these results your own, we’ll see you inside Engage360.

Stories - Powerful transformation from real customers at Illuminated Story 

Real results

Getting a full year of support inside Engage360 Elevate might be exactly what you need

If you’re really serious about taking yourself to the next level…

They probably weren’t born amazing speakers, just like you can choose to do, they probably made the decision at a certain point in their career to take the time to become great.

Do you have to speak often? To your people, to your clients, to suppliers? Are you invited to speak at Conferences, on panels? Do you open events?

Do you want to know a secret - they have most likely prepared, they have most likely done some training in this skill themselves and that is why they are so good.  

Like words just come out of their mouths with little effort or preparation when speaking on panels? Have you sat there listening to them thinking, ‘Why can’t that be me?’…

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem like ‘naturals’? Like they were born to speak on stage at conferences?

You are the type of person who is always striving to be the best

You want to make a bigger impact and are ready to work to get it

You need to speak regularly (to your people, your clients, suppliers, your market/industry)


This      for you if:

You think what you’re doing is good enough and you’re not aiming for the next level

You don’t need to speak regularly

You’re not willing to do the work


It’s probably       for you if:

This 12 month coaching program begins with the Engage360 Intensive and continues on to give you the support, push and expertise you need to best prepare for your speaking engagements throughout the year.

What could you achieve if you decided to commit and do the work to become the best speaker you can be?

Engage360 Elevate is designed to ‘work out’ your presentation and public speaking skills.

Have you ever been guilty of joining a gym and not actually going to the gym (ok, maybe for the first week or even month you were fairly regular and then… got in the way right?) Yes?

And then you decided to work with a Personal Trainer. Someone to keep you accountable, to whom you felt responsible, to make sure you do those workouts each week. Not only did the consistency of this commitment ensure you started getting results, the expertise of the trainer ensured you were getting the best workout possible.

Sometimes just tweaking your body slightly to the left or the right, slowing down the move, can make a big difference to stretching you to achieve your best outcomes.

And before you get too comfortable and think you’ve done everything you need to do, they’ll up the ante and push you to achieve yet another level again.

Have you experienced this before?

Being the speaker who is remembered long after the conference is finished

Feeling excited and totally prepared for your next speaking opportunity

Not just delivering a good presentation but a great presentation

Causing the impact you want to cause in your audience


If this sounds like something you are ready for