“You discover how to create a connection with your audience, to craft the narrative creatively and succinctly in order to close sales, increase brand engagement and ultimately deepen client relationships.”

Carmen Sederino


Presenting is infinitely more than just a presentation. It’s a process of well-crafted material to connecting with your audience through to your performance. The essential qualities that distinguish you as an authentic voice of business and industry are deep within. From your first entrance and glance at your audience to your closing line, your body language and content come together to deliver your compelling message. With you every step of the way, we unearth your most powerful messages and creatively weave them together and support you to tell the most engaging story. By nurturing your performance, and increasing your presence, we unlock the performer in you, enabling you to connect with your audience with pride, confidence and conviction.


At Illuminated Story, we have worked with brands of all sizes for over 18 years, with leaders across sales and marketing and their teams. We understand the human journey within every presentation very well.

We know the fears and the pitfalls. And we know what it takes to craft the finest core business messages, and to weave together the most compelling storyline. By nurturing the natural performer within you to take ownership of the story, we unlock the gold in your presentation, every time.


We enable individuals and business alike to increase their sales revenue, increase brand engagement and increase client engagement through showcasing the business brand story or personal brand story. We set up leaders for career progression and practically help them to achieve deeper engagement with their client/audience in the following ways;

  • Helping individuals or teams find clarity in their message and create the content with them.
  • Building confidence in individuals’ presentation delivery skills so that their message is easily understood.
  • Coaching individuals to build rapport, connect and engage with their audience so that they are remembered well after the presentation is finished.
  • Empowering people to deliver an ‘authentic’ and simple message that will resonate with their audience.


Presentation Purpose

Utilising specific brainstorming techniques we will ensure you are clear on: the reason you are delivering your speech/presentation; what you/your company want to achieve through delivering it; and most importantly what you want your audience to walk away remembering.

Content Clarity

We will push you to delve further into the purpose of your presentation and ensure you understand your audience which will help to shape the content and structure of your delivery. This process will ensure your key messages are clear and the most engaging delivery method for your audience is chosen to convey these.

Content Clarity Conveyed

Using a form of mind mapping you will learn how to transform your notes into easy to remember prompts and cues for you as the presenter. This will give you the confidence to discard your script and focus on your key messages.

Content Enhancement

We will help you to craft your content and presentation. There are many tools you can use to deliver your presentation, however they should only be used if they truly enhance your message and increase engagement for your audience. They should assist in driving home a point creatively, rather than make the point for you. We will assist you to strategically choose the tools that will best enhance your delivery style and highlight your key messages to ensure maximum impact.


The key to bridging the gap between your content and your audience is you. Working with your individual strengths and style we will build on the following key presentation skills: Voice, Body Language, Personal Appearance, Stagecraft and Technical Tips. The combined effect of utilising these skills is what will ultimately ensure maximum impact and engagement for your audience.

Experience for the audience.

Expertise across marketing and business.

We can both craft and curate content for leaders, individuals or teams.

Individuals or groups.

We are focused on aligning individuals and groups to business needs and utilise their own personalised strengths.

“Our team aligns marketing and business skills with strong coaching and acting experience combined with graphic design, digital expertise and personal styling. Together we are illuminated story, empower your potential.”



We have a small group of experts in their field,

  • Graphic designer and creative, with over 25 years experience to create presentation or content that shines.
  • A personal image and branding specialist with global talent management.
  • Executive speaker coach with over 25 years experience and qualifications in marketing, business, acting, performing and extensive coaching and sales training skills.
  • Videographer and video editing with over 15 years experience.

1 to 1 Coaching

Whether you are a business professional looking to improve your individual public speaking or a Leader or Manager of teams who need someone to work one on one with a team member Illuminated Story can tailor a program to you.

1 Day Seminar - Craft for Engagement, Deliver for Impact

Are you a company looking to upskill your team on delivering your business and brand messages in a way that captures and engages your clients? This one day seminar is designed to come to you and is suitable for large groups of people who would like effective ideas on how to create and craft presentations their customers will enjoy and remember as well as techniques to enhance the delivery into an impactful and engaging presentation.

2 Day Workshop - Craft for Engagement, Deliver for Impact

This two day workshop is designed for small groups of 6-8 people who want the opportunity to gain skills, insights and practise crafting a presentation from scratch using effective brainstorming methods. To organise a presentation into a form of note taking that ensures you will not be reading your notes when presenting. As well as the opportunity to gain valuable coaching on key criteria to ensure you have maximum impact and engagement with your audience when delivering. You will have the opportunity to present, gain feedback and work on your Voice, Body Language, Personal Appearance and technical performance skills.

½ Day Seminar - Craft for Engagement

A ½ day seminar designed for larger groups focused solely on techniques and frameworks required to craft a memorable presentation for your audience.

½ Day Seminar - Deliver for Impact

A ½ day workshop designed for larger groups dedicated solely to delivery techniques that will ensure your presentation performance delivers maximum engagement for your audience.

Carmen Sederino


Carmen Sederino is a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a corporate global enterprise. She is passionate about working with professionals and executives to ensure their message is heard and felt. Carmen supports businesses through collaborating with leadership teams, senior executives, their staff and clients in order to develop content that is both engaging and clear and delivered with impact.

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With over 18 years experience in leading, managing, advising and coaching teams across sales and marketing communications within the Reece Group business, Carmen has worked across Australia, through to China and New Zealand with various business units, from retail sales teams with their B2C approach through to the senior leadership team in their B2B approach. As well as personally delivering presentations she has provided mentorship, coaching and technical support for others to deliver their messages, ideas and pitches with impact.

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Armed with a 360 degree perspective on presenting complex information across a wide variety of audiences, Carmen is skilled in sales and marketing which is complemented by her Bachelor of Performing Arts and professionally trained acting skills to professional acting skills. Carmen has crafted a methodology with supportive strategies and techniques that empower individuals she works with, from curating the content “ from the page to the stage” she coaches and leads executives, teams, and individuals in their delivery techniques and builds their confidence and skills in a consultative approach.

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Carmen truly coaches the individual to ensure their message is perfect for the audience who will not only pay attention to the message but will be moved to take the desired actions from the presentation. With Carmen’s approachable and warm manner and strength-based approach, her clients build their skills and confidence to a point where presenting becomes one of the most enjoyable aspects of their role.

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