Imagine not only having the confidence, but the skill, to resonate with your audience and cause them to want to lean forward and listen.

What would be possible for you then?

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At Illuminated Story, we work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help you make boring information interesting, simplify complex information, and help you find your words when your mind goes blank so you feel in control when delivering your presentation.

Helping you become clear, confident and compelling in front of your audience.

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Discover the key techniques and insights you need to make sure your next presentation is a success with more impact.


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This 12-month coaching program begins with our Intensive and continues to give you the support, push and expertise you need.


12 weeks to become a powerful speaker with our interactive training platform.

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Seeing you become clear, confident and compelling in front of your audience makes us feel soooo excited we could almost burst (with pride).

I’m a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a multinational enterprise.

I’m Carmen, Your coach and

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Bringing a trained actor’s eye and a sales/marketing background to the world of presentations.

Shane Fell
General Manager Operations Tasmania

I’ve been in a lot of training over the last 20-30 years and to be honest I WOULD GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THIS SYSTEM.
I just think it’s been such a bonus for me personally and I’m a huge advocate for it, very passionate about it, and actually was consumed with learning.

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Just imagine if you could resonate with your audience and enable them to really ‘feel’ your message. What would that do for your career?

Engage360 Intensive

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Got a minute or two to elevate your next speaking engagement? Tune in to our blog where we drop educational content to up level your public speaking skills to help you inspire, influence, and impact.

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Stuck on how to open up your next presentation? Well, this cheat sheet will provide new ways on how to open up presentations with our proven strategies to captivate your audience from the very beginning.

Open your next presentation with a bang.

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