Does your tone match your message?

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Did you know that 38% of the way that you come across is through your vocal communication?  Your pitch, your pace, your tone, pause.  

I was talking to a friend recently who is in LOVE with her new puppy.  And the new puppy is being a little bit mischievous and really testing the boundaries at the moment. You may have experienced this yourself before?  One of the things the puppy is doing is peeing inside.  Which is clearly not ideal.  

Is your tone changing your intent?

It was my friend’s daughter who pointed out to her, “Mum!  If you keep telling the puppy off the way you are now, he is never going to stop peeing inside’. What was my friend saying?

In a ‘sing song’ beautiful, friendly melodic voice she was saying, “Sadio, Sadio, stop peeing inside.”  What message do you think the puppy is hearing right now? Do you think the puppy understands the words my friend is saying?  Or is he hearing her lovely friendly tone, wagging his tail and thinking, ‘Yes mum, I am a good boy aren’t I’…….

What do you think would happen if my friend’s words stayed exactly the same and her vocal tone changed to something more like an army sergeant telling his troops to make sure they never fall out of line again?  Can you hear it, “Sadio, Sadio, stop weeing inside.” in her deep, firm, heavy and full army sergeant voice versus her high pitched, light and friendly sing song voice.

How could you upgrade your vocal communication?

I’m curious, is your vocal tone congruent with the message that you want your people to hear?  And given that 38% of the way you’re coming across is through your vocal communication, would it be worth you checking in?   Our presentation and public speaking coaching clients can often be surprised at how they sound.  They may sound more monotone than they think they are, or quieter than they think they are.  Some of our clients have big booming voices and need to learn how to create peaks and troughs within their talk through lowering their voice.  Recording yourself and listening to yourself back can be a really powerful form of feedback.  Give it a go next time you have an important presentation to give.  You might be surprised what you discover.

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