Do you ever find it hard to start writing your presentation?

It’s been said that my approachable, warm manner and strength-based approach, helps build your skills and confidence to a point where you’re not only able to become a highly effective presenter - you might actually start enjoying it too! (I know, who would have thought…)

Hi, I'm Carmen

You may start by opening a blank Powerpoint presentation template and typing in your key ideas for each slide.  Or potentially you drag out an old slide deck and try to shuffle it to fit your current purpose.

Do you normally start planning your introduction first? Have you found yourself getting stuck thinking, “What will I start with?”, “How can I capture their attention?”  Have you ever spent so much time here that you’ve had to rush creating the rest of your talk? There is a better way.  Let me share with you the process we take our clients through in our Engage360 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills programs.


We recommend starting in the middle. 

Yes, the middle! Put your computer away, go analogue and start brainstorming. Next time you have to create a presentation follow these 5 simple steps and you might be surprised how quickly you can create your material.

Step 1:  Start by brainstorming all of your ideas.  Doing this with post-it notes can be really helpful.  Just one idea per post-it note and leave nothing out at this point, all ideas are good ideas, let them flow.  

Step 2: Once you’ve exhausted all your ideas, start putting them into groups.  Depending on the length of your talk you should find 3-4 groups that your ideas fit into.  If some of your ideas don’t fit into a group just put them to the side.

Step 3: Look at the 3-4 groups you have, and come up with a heading for each group.  Take your time here because your headings will become your key points.  (Congratulations, you should now have your key points).

Step 4: Position your key points (groups) in an order that makes sense for the audience and your purpose.  Remove anything you won’t have time for or that doesn’t fit.

Step 5:  Create your Introduction and Conclusion.


You might be wondering why we start in the middle?  Well, we think it’s hard to create an impactful start and finish before you get really clear on what you want to say to your audience.  Once that’s clear, then you know what you are introducing and what you’re concluding and you can get creative making sure you do that in a memorable way.

Good luck!

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