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Did you know that research shows that if you hear a piece of information 3 days later you are likely to remember 10% of it?  Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%. 

Therefore, where possible and appropriate, bringing your presentation to life with visuals is a great way to have your audience remember a lot more of what you are saying. 

Let’s take a look at what tools are available to you when it comes to making your presentation visual:   

  • Slide deck ( Power point, Keynote, Google slides)
  • Video
  • Demonstration (prop)
  • Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Storytelling, Analogies, Metaphors

One of the most common tools used in business presentations is still Powerpoint.  Used well this can be very impactful, used poorly…… you’ve probably heard the saying death by Powerpoint. 


When we work with clients inside our presentation and public speaking training programs one of the significant shifts most people experience is understanding that YOU drive the message and any ‘tool’ you use, (like powerpoint) is only there to SUPPORT your message, not tell it for you.  The Powerpoint slides are not meant to be your presentation in written form.  They should be used purely to enhance your impact.   

I’m curious, do you find this slide more impactful? 


This one? 

Slides with a single word, number, short phrase or large image are far more powerful and impactful than slabs of text or copious amounts of dot points. 

Remember, your audience is not able to read your slides and listen to you at the same time.  You lead the show and the slides assist in bringing it to life. 

When creating your slides think, big font, limited text and images. 

You are the ‘lead’ in this show and any ‘tool’ you choose to use to enhance your message are just the supporting cast.  Have you been relying on your powerpoint slides to give your message for you?  How could you use some of this information to ensure your next presentation is more engaging for your audience.

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