Do you know your audience?

It’s been said that my approachable, warm manner and strength-based approach, helps build your skills and confidence to a point where you’re not only able to become a highly effective presenter - you might actually start enjoying it too! (I know, who would have thought…)

Hi, I'm Carmen

Who are you speaking to?  Who is your audience? Do you REALLY know?

Imagine you’re building a new house. You’re really excited about your future home and go and pick out high quality materials for the outside structure of your house.   

Then you realise you didn’t ask the right questions or do your proper research prior to choosing those materials.  And it turns out that now you have all of these beautiful high-quality materials but they’re just not a fit for your environment. 

Before you spend time getting creative with the content for your next presentation or public speaking event, make sure you spend time doing some research to ensure your ‘high quality materials’ will be a fit for your audience. 

Ask good questions such as:

How do I engage them?  How do I build rapport? What will capture their attention? What are they interested in? What’s in it for them?  Why should they listen to you? How experienced are they in the subject matter? What might they want to know or need from you? 

Imagine you’re a bit of a genius when it comes to AI and you need to convince the Board to invest in a new project you’re proposing.  If you deliver your presentation without truly understanding the board members’ level of expertise in AI you could either talk too technically, and leave your audience with no understanding of what you are asking for, or you could insult them by assuming they know nothing and frustrate them by spending time explaining concepts they are familiar with. 

If you truly want to gain an understanding of your audience, you will have no problem doing a little research. And yes, that may mean talking to a sample of your audience and asking questions.  Even if your audience is your own team, or your peers. Depending on how important the presentation is, would it be worth checking in on their expectations, their knowledge, and their concerns prior to building your presentation?   

As you may have experienced, assuming you already know can lead to a talk that does not hit the mark. 

I wonder how much more effective your next presentation could be when you decide to get clear on your Who?  Who is your audience?  What problem can you solve for them?  What are their interests, and what is their current level of experience in your area of expertise? 

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