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Imagine not only having the confidence, but the skill, to resonate with your audience and cause them to want to lean forward and listen. What would be possible for you then?

This interactive keynote presentation will leave your delegates with practical frameworks and strategies they can take back to their day to day and implement straight away.

The Engage Your Audience keynote includes key insights to take your presentation skills to the next level and dives into achieving the 3 key elements that will help you walk away having impacted your audience. What are they? Clarity in your message, Confidence and a Compelling delivery. 

Whether you’re closing your next deal, inspiring your people to follow, impacting the board to agree to your direction, or on stage influencing your industry at the next conference, your presentation skills are going to have a huge impact on your outcomes



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Carmen Sederino is a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a multinational enterprise. Discovering a love of acting at an early age she formally trained at Monash University completing a Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours. Carmen combined her business experience and acting training to found Illuminated Story. She truly coaches the individual to ensure their message is heard and felt. With her approachable, warm manner and strength-based approach, Carmen’s clients often build their skills and confidence to a point where they can take on opportunities willingly and achieve outstanding results.

Carmen Sederino

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